Zephyr Camp

Located on the beautiful shores of South Lake Tahoe at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Retreat Center (find directions here), this popular music camp occupies two memorable weeks in July. The first session/week is designed for advanced players, consisting of intensive chamber music sight-reading, rehearsals and performances. The second session/week is aimed at all skill levels, from the preparatory students on up, but contains the same opportunities for sight-reading and performances as the first week. Students are assigned groups with professional coaches designed to encourage and challenge their skills while given a crash course in how to perform new music in as little as two days.

But not to worry, dear reader. While it is true that students play their instruments at least 5 hours a day, there is ample time for swimming, free time, wholesome puzzle goodness, more skits than you can shake a criticÂ’s fist at, absolutely excellent food, and lest we forget the unbelievably breathtaking Tahoe scenery. Attendance grows each year, and applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, so to make sure you are not left out be sure to fill out your application as soon as possible! For applications, and further information, contact the Villa Sinfonia Foundation at (415) 661-3782 or call Carol Rice at (415) 333-4487.

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