Group Classes

Book 1

Those who have completed the Twinkle Variations are invited to join the Book I Group where they work on repertoire from Suzuki Book 1 and prepare for the Holiday and Spring Concerts as well as special pieces for the Small Group Concert and Union Square performances. These group classes are 1 hour long and entail 30 minutes of group repertoire adding games and exercises to enhance the study of the pieces they are working on. Students also work on music theory through games and they also get a chance to perform for one another. The class meets every Friday from 4:30 - 5:30. The teacher is Lynn Oakley.

Book 2

The Book 2 group students work on repertoire from Suzuki Book 2 and are introduced to music reading and theory in preparation for joining the Preparatory Orchestra class. The ages for this class range from 6 - 11 approximately. Classes meet every Friday from 5:35-6:35. The teacher is Lynn Oakley.

Preparatory Orchestra

The Thursday Preparatory Orchestra class works on repertoire from Suzuki Books 3 and 4 and reads duets, trios and violin quartets and prepares at least one piece to play along with the Villa Sinfonia in a concert. Students also work on ear-training and sight-singing. Classes meet every Thursday at 5:00. The teacher is Lynn Oakley.


Carol Rice teaches the cello group class for young cello students. This class reinforces what the students have been learning in their private lessons and prepares them for Villa Sinfonia foundation concerts. For more information contact Carol Rice at