Chamber Music

Many Villa orchestra members (including adults) have expressed interest in playing chamber music during the year, in addition to Zephyr camp in the summer. So we are very excited to launch a chamber music program for orchestra members, called Villa Chamber Music.

2018 Concert: Saturday May 5 3:00 PM, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 25 Lake Street

Some ensembles will want to meet for one and a half hours, every other week, but others may want to meet every week, for just an hour. Each ensemble's rehearsal schedule and location will be determined according to the wishes of the ensemble members and the professional coach. Once the schedule is established, however, it must be considered a commitment - as the coach is setting aside that time for the group. (There will be no refunds for absences). We will form duets, trios, and quartets as appropriate, trying to create ensembles for everyone who is interested. A Chamber Music Concert will take place later in the spring for all chamber groups, separate from the traditional Small Ensemble Concert ‪on June 2.‬

For more information about forming an ensemble, repertoire, coaching, and cost, please contact Carol Rice at